Friday, May 21, 2010

"Big Girl" Room Re-do

Gosh, I have been meaning to get these photos up for months, but I have kept putting it off because the room isn't quite finished. Unfortunately, I think I'd better not put it off any longer because my final touches seem to get more distant on the list of priorities these days. Back in February/March I decided it was time to give in and turn the crib into a "big girl" bed, but if I was going to do that, I got the urge to make some changes to the room at the same time.

It all started on our trip to Prescott in February when my friend Alex & I happened upon this BEAUTIFUL platter in an antique shop. I fell in LOVE with it and it became the inspiration for the rest of the room changes. Here is the before "baby" room.

And, below is the re-do! It was so fun to collect the accessories and make the bed quilt. Let me know what you think!

The drapes and vallances were sewn by my mom (Grammy) before Quincy was born. Surprisingly (and luckily - because my tastes change every five minutes) I still love the fun, modern floral pattern we chose three years ago. The finishing touch that I may never get around to was going to dress up the bed a little. I wanted to custom print the letters of her name in different fonts and make toss pillows to spell out her name. Maybe someday...

The tree was also painted with the help of my mom (Grammy) while I was still pregnant. I loved it before, but I absolutely love it now with the pink flowers added to it! Thanks to Alex for the idea and the help!

The art on the wall was designed and created by yours truly before Q was born as well. I wanted something fun with a vintage/modern feel (I know, that's an oxymoron). I still love the fun typography, colors and graphic accents. It was so fun to make.

This was the quilt my mom made for Q to go with all her bedding. It contains a large heart in the middle. I wanted a special place to display it so I found this old iron crib side at an antique sale and it worked perfect. (I also made the awful tutu hanging from it... It ended up to be a crazy wad of frill and Q refuses to try it on!)

I found this lamp at a thrift store for $5 and added the flowers to the lampshade. I think this was my most exciting find!

The chandelier came from a garage sale. Marshal still swears I got ripped off, but I liked it. It was originally brass and not in working order. It's now pink and still not in working order, but at least it has birds on top where the lights used to go! :)

This is the rag quilt I made for Q's bed. I just so happened to have a ton of fabric left from her original crib bedding so I rounded up all my misc fabrics that I've been holding on to and threw this together.

This wall contains the platter that started it all. So gorgeous! The shelves were originally black and brown and came from goodwill. I painted them white and they work perfectly. The chicken is a special keepsake from my Granny's house, the framed photo on the shelf was a shower gift from Grandma Wood and the two photos were a gift from Grammy. I love that it is a room full of special meaning everywhere you look.

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